Friday, September 20, 2013

A Few Hoorahs!

Whew, what a crazy past few weeks. Lots of project completions. Tomorrow I will be revealing a project that I have desperately been wanting to share with you. I just delivered it to my expecting co-worker and I am pretty sure she likes it. In fact several people in the office have asked if I have taken any orders yet. Wow - that would pretty amazing thing if I could. Here's a sneak peak.


I finished the Giant Giant Granny Square I have been working on for my bed, it's quite comfy may I add. Although I feel I wont be finished with it just yet, I still want to add the last 10 rows but got project ADD and needed a change. Its functional. Its pretty. Its fine as is for now.

Ooh pretty.

I also worked on a new pattern from Moogly. The Eloise Sweater. It was so cute and I could just see my Little Star wearing it. And I have never made a sweater before. Ever. So it was a fun challenge. I also mastered the Foundation Double Crochet and Chainless starting DC. I delved into my stash and came out with some left over Vannas Choice yarn in Silver Heather, Scarlet, Terracotta, Aqua, and Fern. After I was done the skirt, which I had to start over a few times (I think the pattern had one too many turns in it.) I realized I wouldn't have enough Silver Heather to complete the bodice, So I had to break out the remnants of Silver Grey I had. I was wary of the two different greys looking bad. But everyone assured me that it wasn't so bad. I only had enough to make short sleeves (two rounds each.) I did not have enough to do the final grey edging. Some how (though I counted twice) I ended up with too many stitches around the bodice and had to modify my pattern without really understanding what I was modifying (never having made a sweater before.) But now I know what is wrong with it, and I have vowed to try again. (If at first you don't succeed.) I will try again with the suggested yarn (Lion's Brand Wool-ease.) Not make the same mistakes and maybe even try different colors. Also I think I may have needed to use a smaller hook with the difference in the yarn. I also have not added buttons.

My husband has said it's her renn faire dress. (it really does look like a medieval doublet.)

I am not ashamed. (I also stretched it to make it look better. shhh)

Finally, I started my "knitknatknockoff" I will explain more about that later on a page about it but here's some yummy pictures to consider.

Sitting in some gorgeous weather with my Little Star getting some work done.
Beautiful Ripples. So calming.