Neat Ripple Pattern

A blanket I finished a while ago I'd like to share with you.

Pattern :: Neat Ripple Pattern by Attic 24

Color Scheme :: KnitKnatKnotUK

Ravelry :: Knitknatknockoff

Yarn :: Stylecraft Special DK

Colors :: Aster//Bluebell//Denim//Cloud Blue//Turquoise//Sherbet//Aspen//Meadow//Spring Green//Saffron//Sunshine//Shrimp//Matador//Lipstick//Pomegranate//Fondant//Raspberry//Plum//Magenta//Clematis//Wisteria//Lavendar//Cream

Total Skeins :: 1 each of every color 2 of cream.

Hook :: 4.00mm

Allow me to present...

The Colors.


 Progress. And Little Stars Feet.


The Pattern is just like KnitKnatKnotUK's I started with aster (except I used the intended Denim the first time) After the first four I used cream. After that I used cream after every 5 color changes. The idea was to go through two full color repeats but after getting back to aster I realized continuing on would be way too long. So I stopped at my second time at Sherbet.

Chilling with a Blooming Flower to match.

I used Lucy's Border using the first round Magenta. And then Lipstick/Turquoise.

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