Giant Giant Granny Square

  A little while ago I made a giant granny square for a full sized bed using painted crochet. 4 strands held together and one dropped and changed each round for a nice color changing effect. It was made with the intention of using on my daughters bed when she finally graduated to one. I decided to take it for a test run to see how heavy, hot, and ventilated it was. The result was that we loved it. I will post more on the graduated granny later.

  This made me want to make one for my own bed even more. So, I started one. I got the originial idea for a bed sized afghan from The Purl Bee. So I convinced the hubby that I needed yarn to make one for us in some gorgeous colors. (We are finally decorating our bedroom and I want it to be bright and cheery.) He agreed and off we went to Hobby Lobby.

Materials :
Pattern :: Ravelry
Yarn : Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn! (White//Yellow//Turquoise//Limelight//Greybeard//Orange//Peacock//Rouge//Grape//Navy)
Hook : 10mm

Here's all the colors (minus the white) in their basket.

This project works up fast. So far I have already gotten three color changes on.

More progress:
The Orange and Rouge look similar in photos but really even though the Orange is close to red it's different. I only have two full more colors to add but it won't end up being large enough so I have decided that the rest will be white rounds and maybe one color change before the last few white rounds to finish it. Just not sure which color that will be as of right now. Any thoughts?

So I did not end up going so far with the white rounds. I estimated that I would  need roughly 22 rounds of white and 2 of color then a round of white scallop. Wow a lot of yarn used. I got to round 10 and just left it at that. No scallop, No color pop at the end. I just couldn't keep going. I got project ADD.

But thats not to say I wont break it out at a later date and add the rest of the rounds.

I really love how the colors turned out. Even though the rouge and orange are hard to distinguish between, Ive tried to Photoshop them a little to make them look more like the actual colors without messing up the other colours. The blues look a little similar now however.

Here's a picture on my In-laws bed (hope they don't mind!) They have the best lighting in their room. They have whats considered a "California" Queen. Our bed is slightly smaller so I think it will work quite nicely.

Okay, so the damage.

Yarn ::  Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! -  16 Skeins of White,  1 Skein of Yellow, Turquoise, Limelight, Greybeard, Orange, Peacock, Rouge, 2 Skeins of Grape, and Navy.
Other Materials :: 10.00mm Hook, Darning material
Time :: Uh, 3 hours a night roughly for 1.5 months.
Ravelry :: here

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