Graduated Granny Square

The Project ::  Graduated Granny Blanket
The Pattern :: Ravelry // Colour in a Simple Life
Yarn :: Stylecraft Special DK in Plum//Magenta//Wisteria//Cloud Blue//Aster//Turquoise//Teal//Green//Meadow//Citron//Sunshine//Jaffa//Shrimp//Raspberry
Hook :: 10.00mm

This project was actually a really quick work up. The intent was to make it for my daughter when she gets into her big girl bed (which is like 4 years away :x) but I had to get this out of my head so i couldn't not make it :)

 The Center is my most favorite part. the Cloud Blue looks a little washed out but it was hard to get every color just right.
 I was never really to happy with green color change. But it's there. oh well.
 Im not going to get too long winded on this page because I achieved that on my ravelry notes.

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