Monday, November 4, 2013


Greetings from sunny and warm Orlando! It's been a while since I have posted. So much has been happening in my personal and crafty life. Little Stars first trip to Disney World. The trip here was a little rough. 14 hours with a baby in a car is not a very fun drive when they get tired of being in a car. 

I also have a few firsts on my plate. I finished my first shaw. The Elise Shaw. With my first time working with lace yarn.  My first time knitting. Yup, I learned to knit and it was fun. I made a poncho for Little Star to be Little Red Riding Hood for halloween. It was fun! The only mistake I made was not knitting or purling out of the back loop when I did my increase. So for the first two rounds of the body I have some holes. And I wasn't sure how to frog it and pick stitches back up yet. It was honestly my very first time.

Let's see I used up all my cotton yarn making Lucy's Bag for the pool here at the resort.

And now I am using up the yarn from my bedspread to make a coordinating granny circles blanket.

After our vaca I need to start christmas gifts seriously, so I can be finished. So that's what I am up to. And I promise to show you pictures of all the work!!