Star-stitch Baby Blanket

Allow me to share with you a baby blanket I made for a friend of mine. Her daughter wasn't due until mid-March so I started the blanket on February 5th. Well she came on February 12th. And I hadn't even started the border at that point! Her theme was the NoJo Beautiful Butterfly and I asked if she'd prefer if I made something that matched the theme or something different. I immediately knew I wanted to make a Star-stitch blanket, I just love the way the stitch looks. And I knew it was going to have a backing since the star-stitch only looks good on the front. But I couldn't find a complimentary fabric that I liked. So I just bought a crib sheet and used that. It works, it matches, and its very pretty. Any way here's the details!

Pattern :: My Own! although the Star Stitch Baby Blanket is pretty close to what I did.
               Around the Corner - Crochet Borders// #50 #99 #41
               Butterfly Bookmarks

Starting Chain :: 90+1

Hook :: 5.5mm

Yarn :: Caron One pound // Lilac
            Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Baby Sport // Cool Baby and Silly Sprite
            Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn!// Purple

Material :: Nojo Beautiful Butterfly Crib Sheet 

Ravelry :: Star Stitch Baby Blanket


How my pattern differed from the pattern is the starting chain. I used 90+1 because I knew I wanted to add a rather large involved border. I also only used 2hdc for the second row of the star because that was how I've always done the stitch but I also tried out various ways of making the top spikes and I still preferred my method.

The first round of border is in Lilac and is just a single row of sc.

The second row is Border #50 and I started with Silly Sprite and finished with Cool Baby. I followed that with a 5dc shell stitch all the way around using 9dc in the corners.

Then I used Silly Sprite in a chain lace effect with Border #99. Using ch5, 1sc in tops of shells. 3 rounds.

After that I did border #41 in Cool Baby, Silly Sprite, and two rounds holding one strand each. This border creates a slight ruffle.

I embellished with a butterfly bookmark. I tried a few but none were flat enough and large enough.

Now to mail it off and hope she enjoys it!

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