Sunday, February 16, 2014


Just want to stop in and show off my latest completion.

A Star Stitch baby blanket for a friend of mine. All that's left is to mail it off. She lives in North Carolina so I hope it's not to heavy for the weather. Although they just had a bad ice storm and we got hit with lots of snow. It was so cold outside to get pictures I just grabbed some quick shots and came inside. My fingers were frozen by the time I came in two minutes later.

Not sure what I am going to work on next. Knitting my sweater and Crocheting a blanket. Its cold, I'd like to wear the sweater. Yet, I love to crochet and its a blanket for my bedroom and we just put an offer on a house and I've got the decorating bug. Right now we will be doing neither because the baby has unexpectedly awoken early from her nap and I am being summoned. Happy Holiday Weekend to those who have off tomorrow! I won't be one of them!

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