Sunday, February 9, 2014

Over yonder this one runs.

See I knew this would eventually happen.  A long period of no updates. But oh so much has been going on. Lets see we had a first birthday for little star. Christmas. Daddy's birthday. Busy life at work with lots of changes. Oh yes and I am officially a knitter. 

So our first birthday went off pretty well actually. We had a polka dot theme.

I'm pretty proud of my handiwork. We did buy a lot of the decorations but some I came up with myself. Like the window polka dots. Yes there is definitely a repeating pattern there!

I decided to make the cake and cupcakes myself. I cheated a little bit and used a box. Shocked? Well, sometimes its what you have to do because no one has that kind of time with a one year old and a full time job. One thing I usually always do to boxes though is add a flavor extract (lemon or almond.) But in this case I piped in some Raspberry Jam. It was heaven. The icing is light and fluffy whipped icing. I just piped it on. It was almost the consistency of marshmallow fluff (mmm) which made it really hard to pipe on so some look a little gooey.  And then I just added some polka dot sprinkles (of course!) The taste, well the parts with just cake and icing tasted like a twinky (not kidding, yellow cake mix, whipped white icing = twinky) But the parts of cake that I ate pre-icing (shhhh) reminded me of tastycake jelly krumpets. (Do they even make those anymore?)

Mmm it's been two months and I still get a watery mouth looking at these.

Then we had Christmas. I made lots of scarves. And I mean lots. I used Moogly's Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf Pattern. It takes me one full skein of yarn and about 3 hours to make one. I made 11 of them for gifts. I also made a pattern for a wine bottle bag that I really like. It was hard for me to find one pattern that was simple, quick and easy to change for various shapes of bottle. So I grabbed a bottle of wine we had on hand. (Funny story actually, no one in the house drinks red wine and this was a bottle that took me a while to realize that the name of it was Red Knot and the graphic on the label was a red ball of yarn. I thought it was funny...any way moving on) I came up with a pattern that I would like to share for you but I have not yet re-created it to get pictures. So that will have to wait a little.

After Christmas I finally got to work on an afghan a friend asked me to make for her back before Thanksgiving. I was planning on whipping up a quick 4 skein lapghan for her as a house warming gift since she just bought her first home. But after she saw the Bobbles blanket I made for our co-worker she wanted to pay me to make her an afghan. I told her to just purchase the extra 4 skeins and I'd make her a full-sized afghan. Around that same time Moogly released her 100th pattern, the Vintage Wobble Afghan and we both really liked her ombre effect so we decided to do that but with her earth tone theme. Ta-Dah!

You can find more on this venture here.

After the afghan I decided to work on something for me since I had lots of time. I purchased this magazine The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits sometime back and wanted to knit my first sweater. I have only ever completed two knitting projects prior to this. A poncho for Little Star's Red Ridding Hood halloween costume and an entrelac scarf.

But now I have a friend who is due in less than a month so with the body and one sleeve complete on my sweater I had to move on to her Baby Afghan. And that brings us up to date!

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