Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wow a second post.

Whew. After a very crazy bath and bed time the LittleStar is finally asleep which means crochet and Star Trek for mommy! Woot. I have moved past graybeard and am working through some orange rounds and I have to say this orange is more red. I'm not entirely happy with the orange but I'm going to keep trudging through this (I am on round two of orange already) I do have to say it does brighten up the piece which was looking more like a baby blanket for a boy.

I would post a picture of my current progress but the screen on my galaxy s3 decided to stop working and I have to send it away to be fixed. So until then I'm back to my iPhone 3G. Let me just say yuck. I just cannot live with that camera. And to think I was on a blackberry perl before that. I would break out the SLR but its just too much hassle for a poorly lit photo (ok I am a snob when it comes to presentation) 

Ok off to soak up some hook time!

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